Fun Shooting My First Music Video

A couple of weeks ago, me and friend went down to our local park with a camera, tripod and some props. Every shot we filmed in the same park, yet look like different scenes. I had fun shooting it, and also composing it, and adding all sorts of effects to it. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it :D

Genghis Khan Rap Acapella + 2 More Free Creative Commons Acapellas

This isn’t the finished track, of course, just an acapella of the vocals I recorded in (to my own 75-bpm rap beat). Its a preview really, but I’m also offering this acapella up for free for anyone to use in their own music, sample or remix. The finished track will be up soon, the only job left to do is the mixing.

I uploaded two more on top of that, which you haven’t yet heard.

Against the Grain, Free Weights and Science

icad #21 - g


icad #24 - g


icad #25 - g

Unfortunately, I haven’t really been following the “ICAD (Index Card a Day)” guidelines…

Its more like “ICACOTAW (Index Card a Couple of Times a Week)” or “IC-WIFI (Index Card When I Feel Inspired).

But that aside, I’ll tell you why the random assortment of things I’ve drawn. A sign beside the title “Against the Grain”. Well, as you can see, in the centre of the sign is (an accurate portrayal of a) sheath of grain.

“AGAINST THE GRAIN!” in the same way as a No Entry sign.

… OR this perfectly ordinary “No Vehicles Carrying Explosives” sign (you see a lot of those around in England).

File:Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - R-45.svg

I guess as I don’t eat wheat, its sorta like “No wheat here” Ya dig?

Icad number two here is some dumbbells (really?). I’ve been goin to gym three days every week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday). Those weights were so last week though, I’m on 15kg now ;) So, yeah, not my deepest index card?

The third was yesterday’s index card. If you haven’t guessed what it is…. It’s a salt (NaCl/Sodium Chloride) ion. I just found it quite a fun idea, this scientific, molecular structure portraying the movement of electrons. And the table salt you sprinkle on your chips :D

4 New Inspired ICADs

I think its easier to post ‘em all at once, so heres four new ICADs!

The first of the set is inspired by the Nas “Illmatic” album cover art. Have a look at the cover and you’ll probably see exactly why my ICAD looks that way (I’ve posted it below).

#16 - Illmatic

The second was sketched after I’d been writing some rap lines on or taking inspiration from Aztec culture. This is an Aztec-inspired symbol/letter.

#17 - Aztec

The third day I didn’t know what to draw. My mum keeps cutting out animal heads and gluing them on Human’s torsos (this has been going on for a week now ;-) ). She suggested I did that and cut out a puppy’s head for me to use. I didn’t, partly as I couldn’t find a cool human torso in the Citizen (tut tut- this is why I don’t buy newspapers).

I drew the head instead, in the style of a wanted criminal sign.



#18 - Have You Seen This Douge?

The fourth (below) is deeper perhaps than I’m going to explain. 14, my age, is that sort of “Inbetween” sort of age, especially in terms of clothes (as I’ve discovered trying to buy some shorts last week -.-). Kids clothes are too small, adults are usually too big. Shops don’t stock my size. The bottom right shows some paper, a rubbish bin, a beach ball and a cloud with the text reading “Hobbies”. It is about my fear that when I start my GCSEs, and putting all my time to studying, I might lose or end all my creative outlets, discard all my hobbies and fun due to lack of time and excess of stress. Thats what I was thinking when I drew it anyway (slightly exaggerated :p)

#19 - Inbetween

The Underground!

icad #15 - g

And this ones a London Underground sign. Pretty random, right?! Well, I was thinking more of Underground as a genre of music (unsigned/local) when I drew this, sketching it not long after having written a rap song about Underground music, using the metaphor of the London Underground (or comparing the two) throughout the track. My version of the sign is not quite circular :D But I think it is bold enough.

Welcome to Gman’s Galaxy!

icad #13 - g

^ The above ICAD sharpie-pen sketch was one inspired by my surroundings, which happened at that time to be a campervan-decorated water bottle. Hence the simply image of a campervan in the centre. I thought it’d be quite a cool idea to have some directions on the signs to do with my blog, and so they read “Welcome to Gman’s Galaxy”.

icad #14 - vg

^ The second perhaps is a little less inspired an effort than my previous card- its is a quote from the chorus of a Rick Ross (ft French Montana) rap track that I was listening to and really vibing with. Check it out here if you want (it IS explicit, just warning you lol):

Traintracks and Canopies

icad #11 - g

icad #12 - g

So heres two more Icads. One, bright train-tracks inspired by the train journey to and from London, where I’d spent the day with mates and visisted the Royal Institute and British Library. The second, not as bright perhaps, was (I’ll be honest) just a quick sketch from a soon-passed scene from an episode of Springwatch; showing several birds’ nests in the canopy of the woods.