My 0-100/The Catch Up Freestyle (Beat by Drake)

And this is my newest track (planning on recording three or more tracks while its still half terms however… While I still have plenty of time left to do so).

I may be wrong, but I think maybe people are generally less interested in this track, because so many have done freestyles to this beat. Mine is something new though, 100 bar non-stop full of metaphors, punchlines and complex flows/rhyme schemes.

Never Give Up (Another Collab with Daekreon… and my homie Vixoe)

Post title gives you all the details :P The instrumental was chosen by Daekreon I believe and once the two first verse were layed down, I was asked to hop on the first verse.

I’ve had some good positive feedback on this song, but Daekreon had to talk with me, saying he was not so pleased with the verse and I sounded as though I was “talking” not “rapping”. What do you all think, I think it sounds more true to myself and less American (which I have been pointed out on as I am English and am beginning to sound American).

What You Do (ft Daekreon): A Collaboration from England to India

My first main collab (not counting my lil bro in other words), Daekreon is an indian rapper who is really on a similar level as me and in a similar situation, starting rapping not long after me. I only had a short verse early on (8 bars) and then a 10-bar later in the song after Daekreon’s verse. It is a challenge being able to get across your meaning in such a short time. I am happy with it though, I believe I pulled it off especially on the first “mini-verse”. This wouldn’t be my last collaboration with Daekreon either.

Why I Haven’t Been on Here + What to post but RAP?? + Gmans Galaxy sees a change!

Ok, I think I’ve got some explaining to do :D Haven’t been on WordPress in nearly two months, and hadn’t replied to my comments (apologies for that to the people who left me comments).

One. Ok, so the first thing that happened was that I wanted to go back to school. I got a space, went into the school a few times but it was a long wait before I started school. In this wait I didn’t write any rap or do any form of art at all, I promised myself I’d write a rap on school when I started; which I have done, but that shouldn’t have stopped me writing more, should it?

Two. The second thing of course was school. I started (2 1/2 weeks in). I loved it, it was exactly what I wanted really, I immediately made friends and I didn’t find it hard settling in, although it did take up most of my time. I had to prioritize and I’m afraid my blog wasn’t even considered in that equation.

Three. The third thing, a couple of weeks later, a member of my family had a fatal stroke and passed away. Blogging again no priority or at least on the first few days after.

Now I’ve got round to blogging BUT you may see a change, possibly quite a drastic one. I will still post art/photography/poems when I do them, but that may be rare… All I’ve really been doing in terms of art is rap. And that may well be all you see posted. Maybe not, but be prepared :)

I am about to post several new rap tracks on my blog right now.

Fun Shooting My First Music Video

A couple of weeks ago, me and friend went down to our local park with a camera, tripod and some props. Every shot we filmed in the same park, yet look like different scenes. I had fun shooting it, and also composing it, and adding all sorts of effects to it. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it :D

Genghis Khan Rap Acapella + 2 More Free Creative Commons Acapellas

This isn’t the finished track, of course, just an acapella of the vocals I recorded in (to my own 75-bpm rap beat). Its a preview really, but I’m also offering this acapella up for free for anyone to use in their own music, sample or remix. The finished track will be up soon, the only job left to do is the mixing.

I uploaded two more on top of that, which you haven’t yet heard.

Against the Grain, Free Weights and Science

icad #21 - g


icad #24 - g


icad #25 - g

Unfortunately, I haven’t really been following the “ICAD (Index Card a Day)” guidelines…

Its more like “ICACOTAW (Index Card a Couple of Times a Week)” or “IC-WIFI (Index Card When I Feel Inspired).

But that aside, I’ll tell you why the random assortment of things I’ve drawn. A sign beside the title “Against the Grain”. Well, as you can see, in the centre of the sign is (an accurate portrayal of a) sheath of grain.

“AGAINST THE GRAIN!” in the same way as a No Entry sign.

… OR this perfectly ordinary “No Vehicles Carrying Explosives” sign (you see a lot of those around in England).

File:Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - R-45.svg

I guess as I don’t eat wheat, its sorta like “No wheat here” Ya dig?

Icad number two here is some dumbbells (really?). I’ve been goin to gym three days every week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday). Those weights were so last week though, I’m on 15kg now ;) So, yeah, not my deepest index card?

The third was yesterday’s index card. If you haven’t guessed what it is…. It’s a salt (NaCl/Sodium Chloride) ion. I just found it quite a fun idea, this scientific, molecular structure portraying the movement of electrons. And the table salt you sprinkle on your chips :D